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Member since: 2008

Vito is a founding member of Night Train Swimmers and is  the organization’s  President. In 2004, he invited a group of friends to start swimming in the San Francisco Bay every Wednesday evening. Over the course of the years, that group grew and eventually Night Train Swimmers was born when Vito and four others completed an English Channel Relay.

Vito was born in Austria, served in Vietnam, and eventually settled in Tiburon. He owns Bialla & Associates and is co manager for a early stage venture fund . He serves on the board of Night Train Swimmers, Headlands Brewing Co., and many other for- and non-profit organizations. He is a two-time Badwater Ultramarathon finisher and the only person to ever complete a double Ultraman – 63 hours of racing. Vito lives in Belvedere and has three children and an Ultra wife Linda. He pends much of his free time fishing with other Night Train members and swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Farallon Islands.