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David is a surfer, diver and open water swimmer. He has competed in California coastal swims and the Hawaii Ironman and swims with the San Francisco Dolphin Club and Night Train Swimmers. A marine biologist and ocean adventurer, David is the founder of the ocean health and shark conservation organization Shark Stewards, dedicated to restoring ocean health by saving sharks and protecting critical marine habitat. As a research associate of the Department of Aquatic Biology at the California Academy of Sciences, he is participating in a long term study of sharks in the San Francisco Bay. A naturalist and educator David leads ocean expeditions ranging from the San Francisco Bay to the South Pacific which are featured in his travel blog Ocean Voices and documentary films. David has also received numerous awards for his conservation documentary work including an Emmy for the documentary Reefs to Rainforests on the California Academy of Sciences Philippines Biodiversity Expedition. He sits on several boards including the San Francisco Green Film Festival and the Cordell Marine Sanctuary Foundation. A dedicated shark conservationist, he is also an active teacher and lecturer at numerous public events at schools, aquaria and universities.