Simon Dominguez – English Channel

In July 2014, Night Train Swimmer Simon Dominguez will attempt a solo crossing of the English Channel. He is taking this opportunity to help raise money for Night Train Swimmers and our at-risk youth swim program. An except from Simon’s blog is below:

My channel swim is a personal challenge, but I also want to use this opportunity to draw attention to the fantastic at-risk swim program run through my Marin-based swim colleagues at Night Train Swimmers. I am excited to be a part of this program delivering swim lessons to kids who otherwise wouldn’t have access to this essential, potentially lifesaving, activity.

So, if you want to help me make it across the channel, and support a fantastic cause at the same time, please donate through Night Train Swimmers via the link below:

At Night Train Swimmers, we are very proud of Simon for his upcoming English Channel attempt, and are humbled by his fundraising efforts on behalf of Night Train Swimmers!