Race Across the West – Team Moxie

On June 16th Night Train members, Monica Moreno and Linda Bialla are participating in the annual bicycle race Race Across the West, as a two woman relay team, called Team Moxie. The Race Across the West is a non-stop bicycle race covering 860 epic miles, starting in Oceanside CA, and finishing in Durango, Colorado. This ultra-distance race is considered to be the most challenging section of the world’s toughest bike race, “Race Across America”.

Spot Tracker to monitor location: http://nighttrainswimmers.org/live-tracking/

Their Crew is:
Phil Cutti
Ed Buchman
Kris Blea
Hope Gelbach

Estimated Departure Date and Time: June 16th at 12:00pm

Race Cut Off Time is: 68 Hours