Kim Chambers’ Sacramento – San Francisco 93 mile solo swim

Kim Chambers will be attempting the longest solo swim ever recorded in California. The swim will start at the Sacramento Yacht Club at 2PM on September 9 will in Tiburon on September 11 totaling 93 miles over the course of 48 hours. Night Train Swimmers and Chambers are proudly teaming up with Warrior Canine Connection in an attempt to support recovering Veterans and their families. Please donate directly to Night Train Swimmers.

Bay Parade

Night Train Swimmers participated in the 3rd Annual Bay Parade, to raise money for Baykeeper.  The Bay Parade is a celebration of a healthy San Francisco Bay that’s clean for recreation and a fundraiser for Baykeeper’s work to protect San Francisco Bay.

Simon Dominguez’ unprecedented swim to the Farallon Islands

In 1967, Lt Colonel Stuart Evans became the first swimmer to complete the crossing from the Farallones to the California Coast, finishing at Bolinas, Calif. Since then, only three other swimmers have completed the crossing, two of whom made it all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Night Train swimmers Simon Dominguez and Kimberley Chambers each plan to swim the length of San Francisco to the Farallon Islands solo. If successful, they will be the first swimmers to complete the Farallon journey backwards, starting at the Golden Gate Bridge and finishing at the Farallon Islands.

San Francisco Bay Area 300 Mile Relay

On September 6th 2015, Night Train Swimmers will attempt to break the world record of the longest relay open water swim in history. The goal is to raise $100,000 to help Arthur Renowitzky walk again after being paralyzed by a gun shot wound to his spine.

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Race Across the West – Team Moxie

On June 16th Night Train members, Monica Moreno and Linda Bialla are participating in the annual bicycle race Race Across the West, as a two woman relay team, called Team Moxie. The Race Across the West is a non-stop bicycle race covering 860 epic miles, starting in Oceanside CA, and finishing in Durango, Colorado. This ultra-distance race is considered to be the most challenging section of the world’s toughest bike race, “Race Across America”.

Spot Tracker to monitor location:

Their Crew is:
Phil Cutti
Ed Buchman
Kris Blea
Hope Gelbach

Estimated Departure Date and Time: June 16th at 12:00pm

Race Cut Off Time is: 68 Hours