93-mile swim from Sacramento to San Francisco

Kim Chambers, a member of Night Train Swimmers will be attempting the longest solo swim ever recorded in California. The swim, commemorates the 15th Anniversary of 9/11, begins in Sacramento on September 9, 2016 and ends in Belvedere on September 11, 2016, totaling 93 miles over the course of 48 hours.

Chambers will utilize the Sacramento River and Steamboat Slough as she travels toward the bay, ending at the point of Tiburon. Night Train and Chambers are proudly teaming up with Warrior Canine Connection in an attempt to support recovering Veterans and their families.

Chambers will abide by English Channel rules prohibiting the use of a wetsuit and resting on the boat. “Since my previous swims have mostly been in large bodies of water, this will be a completely different kind of challenge, mentally and physically,” says Chambers. “With that being said, it pales in comparison to what many of our veterans and service members face for a lifetime.”

Compared to Chambers’ past swims that have been attempted by multiple swimmers, this one is about three times longer and has no recorded solo attempt to date. With this comes a whole new set of challenges. From knowing where her support crew should lead her, to knowing the tidal patterns, Chambers will be in uncharted water until she reaches the bay.